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Helotes Property Management

It would be a pleasure to work with you on any of the Property Management programs our company provides. The following should answer some of your questions about the Property Management department and myself.
Carol Fochler, Broker, REALTOR
Property Manager

In 1973 I obtained an Accounting Degree from State University Of New York. In 1980 I obtained my Real Estate License, and in 1984 my Brokers license. I have been managing residential properties since 1982 and have managed as many as 200 single family residential homes, duplexes, and town homes in the Helotes area at any given time. I currently manage over 160 homes.

My accounting background gives me the knowledge to handle the large number of rents, deposits, and repair costs involved with the large number of units I manage. I believe my vast experience will be very valuable to you in your leasing and management needs. I have consistently maintained a 97-98 percent occupancy rate. This rate is maintained with thorough tenant screening, keeping rental units occupied and vacant units in good repair, and responding immediately to repair calls, and above all, treating all parties fairly.

Both owners and tenants work directly with me which provides one on one contact for higher quality results. By keeping rental units well-maintained, vacancy time is kept to a minimum and rental rates at a maximum. Our tenant screening has proven very valuable by increasing continued rents and lease renewals, and decreasing slow payments, evictions, and damages, thus adding up to higher profits for owners.

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Property Management Services

Please click on the categories below to obtain more information on the different services I can provide for you and the fee schedule

Category I: Credit Report Service+

Credit report from a national credit bureau. The prospective tenant must complete and sign authorization form before a credit report can be obtained. The prospective tenant's job history and any rental history will also be checked.

$ 150.00 fee for a credit report from CSC Credit Services, Inc., and processing and screening tenant's application.

All fees and services are negotiable.

Category II: Leasing Service +

To Include: all services as outlined in Category I

Advertising Costs:

Newspapers, base housing referral office, flyers, placing property in MLS and placement of for rent sign.

Agent Commission:

Fee paid to agent that shows the home to new tenant.

Applicant's Screening:

Thorough review of lease with tenant prior to signing to insure tenant's understanding and responsibilities to the owner and to the rental property.

Initial Move-In Inspection:

Inspection of property, signed by tenant, of all non-repairable items in the home to ensure less deposit disputes at move-out.

Collection of Security Deposit:

Collect security deposit, any pet deposit, and any prorated rents due. Disbursing funds, lease, and tenant information to owner.

Leasing fee: 75% of one full month's rent without full management program

All fees and services are negotiable

Category III: Full Management Service +

To Include: all services as outlined in Category I and II.

Collection of Funds:

Sending collected funds to owner monthly to include all rents, late charges, repair costs due from tenant and any additional security deposits.

Disbursing Funds:

Disburse funds directly to owners, or sent to savings or checking accounts or retained to cover repair costs.

Funds are mailed approximately the 10th of each month.

Monthly Statements:

Owners receive a monthly statement with a total accounting of all transactions on the property since the last statement. A monthly statement is mailed at the time funds are disbursed, although a statement is sent even if no funds have accumulated. Statements contain updated information to the owners about the property and all receipts for repairs.


Drive-by inspections are performed monthly with pictures taken three times a year. Interior inspections are performed when deemed necessary due to complaints or unsatisfactory drive-bys. If negative reports come in from repair contractors tenants are notified immediately concerning items they have neglected to maintain. Owners are notified of normal maintenance and upkeep from drive-by inspections.


Tenants report necessary repairs. Repairs, normal upkeep and maintenance work are ordered and billed to brass ring properties. Upon receipt of an invoice, it is paid by brass ring and then charged to either the owner or tenant depending on the cause of the repair. Any uncollectable tenant charge is the responsibility of the owner.

Year End Statements and 1099's

By January 31st of each year owners will receive their copy of the 1099 form sent to the IRS with all rents collected in the previous year. Owners will also receive a year end statement with totals of all expenses incurred throughout the past year.

The full management program also covers implementing new laws effecting rental property, evictions, move-out inspections, and security deposit disbursements. It includes insurance claims, working with adjusters and repairman, negotiating higher rents, renewal leases, and other services the owner may require.

50% Of One Full Months Rent
Leasing Fee For Each New Tenant

10% Of Each Month's Rent
Management Fee

All fees and services are negotiable

My services and fee schedule can be varied to meet each owner's specific needs.
If I can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me at 210-684-9585.

Helotes Area Informaiton

Helotes Property Managers

According to anthropologists, the area was occupied seasonally from about 5,000 B.C. by small bands of nomadic Native American tribes in search of food and game. The Lipan Apache moved into the area in the late 17th century and occupied it throughout the 18th century. However, the Lipan were forced from the area in the early 1820s by the Comanche Indians.

small farming and ranching community began to develop in the area shortly after the Texas Revolution in the late 1830s. The ranches suffered occasional attacks by the Comanches until the late 1870s.

In 1858, a Scottish immigrant, Dr. George Marnoch, purchased the land that would later become the site of the town. Marnoch's home at one time served as a stagecoach stop and a post office for cowboys driving their cattle from Bandera to auction in San Antonio. His heirs sold a portion of their property in 1880 to a Swiss immigrant, Arnold Gugger, who built a home and mercantile store around which the town of Helotes sprang to life. In 1908, Gugger sold his property to Bert Hileman, who opened the town's first dance hall. He was also instrumental in getting old Bandera Road paved and opening the town's first filling station. He sold his property in downtown Helotes in 1919, when the town's population declined. Source From Wikipedia


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