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I have used Brass Ring Real Estate for over 10 years. I first purchased 2 rental properties with their assistance and was very happy with the guidance they provided in selecting these properties. Thereafter, Brass Ring has managed these rentals for me. Their experience in property management has resulted in a good return in my investment. They have excellent experience in reviewing and recommending potential tenants and they have also provided good advice on handling tenant-related matters. When the lease period has ended, Brass Ring has provided excellent advice on ensuring that the property is back on the competitive market-this includes providing feedback on property repairs and upgrades. Brass Ring is a property management company you can count on-they are experienced, professional and friendly-a rare find!
- Annette (Owner)

Brass Ring Real Estate has expertly managed my single family home for over 13 years! The combination of their experience and network of reliable, professional home repair companies, results in outstanding property management The Brass Ring staff has successfully maintained continuous occupancy and maintenance of my single family home. In every aspect of the process, Carol Fochler and her team ensured quality tenant screening. timely deposits, regular inspections and accurate, comprehensive monthly and year end statements. Communication is king and Brass Ring does a tremendous job keeping me informed whether I 'm in town or living out of state. It has been a pleasure working with Carol and her team. Very happy to continue our partnership into the future.
- Gina (Owner)

Carol Fochler has been managing my mother's rentals for close to two years now. When I initially contacted her, I felt I was asking her to take on an impossible task of renovating 5 poorly maintained homes and to make them more livable, find tenants that would take better care of the homes, and to increase the income stream. Although it has been a challenging two years, I cannot say how thankful I am to have Carol managing them. She has a great contractors and is very responsive to taking care of our needs and the needs of the tenants. The homes are in much better condition thanks to Carol's oversight and I am very pleased to work in partnership with her and Brass Ring Realty.
- Trisha (Owner)

Outstanding Property Manager

This is a note to let you and everyone know that I have appreciated your outstanding professional property management services now approximating 24 years plus. Carol Fochler and Brass Ring provide me confidence that my property is cared for and eliminates stress and risk as the property is located over 1500 miles from my location.

Carol has provided security and confidence that my rental property in San Antonio is in the best of hands. She ensures the property is cared for as if I was there myself. On several occasions, Carol has acted as my representative in effecting repairs and or providing the interface for insurance claims when natural occurrences have necessitated extraordinary care. Finally, Carol takes all measures to ensure the property is rented and that it remains in top notch condition.

I have complete confidence in Carol as my property manager and count myself fortunate to have her. I strongly recommend her services to anyone needing a property manager and who must feel their property is receiving the best care possible.

- Dennis, LtCol USAF ret. (Owner)

- Trisha (Owner)

I have nothing to say but positive things about Brass Ring Real Estate. Carol is knowledgeable, organized and professional. She has handled my properties for several years now and not only has Carol kept them fully occupied but she has increased rents. I receive a statement every month and an annual accounting at the end of the year. Carol and her staff are responsive to my questions and tenant problems. I appreciate the job that they have done for me and would highly recommend them to anyone needing property management services.
- Bruce (Owner)

We write this letter to express our appreciation for the many years, thirteen now, that you and your Brass Ring staff have dedicated to the management of our two homes in San Antonio. These two rentals have always been profitable and that in large part has been due to your diligence that ensured proper and timely maintenance, thorough screening of prospective tenants and professional response to all issues that arose. We particularly value your input and advice regarding property maintenance and the tradesmens to utilize for this maintenance. You have always been realistic in detennining rental rates and balancing the needs of our tenants with our needs as property owners. Your insights regarding the use and the future potential of our properties have always been on the mark.

We are thankful that you are the partner that oversees these properties and are grateful that you are a true realty professional we can always rely upon.

- Richard (Owner)

Carol Fochler has been managing rental properties for me, in San Antonio, since the late 90's.

The standard that I hold my business dealing to is, "say what you're going to do, then do it." I'm pleased to say that Carol not only meets that standard but also exceeds it.

Her first priority is meeting the needs of the owner, and maintaining the property, then the needs of the tenants. She is cost conscientious without compromising quality and safety. Monthly statements and year end documentation are always mailed in a timely manner. If she has an issue that she's uncertain about, she doesn.' t hesitate to contact me and together we work out a course of action. She has also compiled a dependable group of subcontractors that are able to deal with most any maintenance issue in a timely manner at the best cost.

Honestly, there isn't any negative that I can think of, in her performance of managing my properties. She operates her business in a fair & open relationship with me and has earned my respect. Successful property management ·isn't an operation that just anyone can do, which I've learned the hard way over the years.

If, after reading this, you still have some concerns, I can be contacted through Carol, and will be happy to answer any other question that you might have.

- Steve (Owner)

Brass Ring Real Estate has been my one-stop, real estate shop for over 15 years. I have been very impressed with the real estate services provided to me including buying, selling and renting property in the San Antonio area. Brass Ring assisted me with all aspects of purchasing and selling residential properties for investment purposes and provided excellent advice to expedite these transactions. I am especially thankful for their property management services of my residential rentals. They have provided all the services I needed from renting to managing to re-leasing these properties. They have also taken good care of my tenants and have expeditiously handled any problems that occurred with my properties. Brass Ring, owned by Carol Fochler who has over 30 years of experience in handling all aspects of property management, is an extremely competent and highly professional organization that will certainly exceed your expectations.
- Robert (Owner)


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